Protest, Prophecy, Play

2020 Contributor List

Visual Art

Dane Nakama・Xingzi Gu・Carolyn Forrester・Stefana McClure・Jeffrey Alfier・Željka Blakšić・Morgan Ogilvie・James H. Wallace・Jeffrey Francis・Alexa Welch Edlund・Henry Kim


Saddiq Dzukogi・William Woolfitt・Michael Chang・Sarah Degner Riveros・Eleanor Fuller・Coleman・Megan Howell・Matthew Weaver・Brian Clifton・travis tate・Gregory Wolff・Anthony Aguero・Noa Mendoza・William Nicholson・Jasmine Syedullah・Zara Khalid

Digital Preview

We’re Good

Lamar Wint & Tariq Gordon

Lorem Ipsum Friends

Herry Kim

Interview with Dr. Syedullah

Virual Queerality

Teresa Braun・Egregious Philbin・Peter Funk

Virtual Queerality (VQ) is an interactive virtual reality archive that is accessible through WebVR and head-mounted display devices. It features audio stories from trans and gender non-conforming folx embedded in avatars that represent each participant’s identity. These voices have often been relegated to peripheral roles within mainstream gay and lesbian media and this project seeks to resurrect and radically re-imagine their existence.